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Soccer Match

Talent Representation


Our FA registered intermediaries have the first-hand experience of what this process entails and have represented and assisted talents globally. 


Career Development


We pride ourselves in giving expert advice and assistance to players throughout their playing career and post-career providing help and support all year round.


Contractual Negotiations


The trusted reputation of our FA registered Intermediaries, means we negotiate the contracts our clients need. 


We always negotiate the best deals for our clients and keep them involved in every step of the way.


Commercial Partnerships/Sponsorships 


With our global network, we are able to create commercial partnership/sponsorship opportunities for our clients.


Financial Planning/ Management


Our extensive network of financial advisors with expertise in this field enables us to make sure our clients receive expert guidance and financial advice from trusted professionals.


Physical/Mental Wellbeing


It is imperative our clients physical/mental well-being is always intact. 


The life of a sportsperson is full of highs and lows. We have experts in this field to help manage this process and believe this to be of paramount importance.

Concierge/Lifestyle Service


Our global network enables us to contact experts in every field to adequately meet the needs of our clients.  VIP Events, Travel, Relocation services are just a few to name.


Media & PR 


Our aim is to enhance our client's image, reputation and offer effective media brokering. We make sure our clients Online & Offline image is handled professionally. Our digital/social media experts make sure our client's online presence and image are managed effectively and efficiently.


Legal Services


Our trusted expert Legal Team enables us to not only negotiate the best deals for our clients but also enables us to deal with all legal requirements on and off the field for our clients.


Professional Sports Coaching


Our extensive network enables us to access top coaches to make sure our clients are not only receiving top standard coaching at their respective clubs/organisations but also outside of these environments.


Educational Services


We have access to a range of educational opportunities and guidance. We believe our client's educational needs are just as paramount as their playing careers on and off the field.

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